Social Anxiety in adolescence in Australia


Worth 50% of grade essay Topic : Social anxiety in adolescence in Australia 4500 words for essay and 250 words absract  Abtract, title oage and reference list required   Structure The report that you produce should be divided into four different sections that should: 1.    Introduce the aims of the report and clearly establish the parameters (what will be discussed). 2.    Provide a detailed overview of the chosen social issue. 3.    Provide a detailed overview of the chosen positive psychology principle(s). 4.    Provide a detailed description of a PROPOSED positive psychology based intervention and/or program designed to help reduce the negative impact of the chosen social issue. ( this is something made up, could be a program at school for teenagers for example) More details on what you should include in each of the sections are provided below. Section 1: Introduction In this section, you should provide an introduction to the report that outlines the broad aim(s) of the report, as well as the parameters (what the report will contain). It should be made very clear to the audience as to the exact purpose of the report and the aim(s) and scope should be articulated clearly and accurately. The overall aim for Section 1 is to provide an introduction to the report and make it clear to the audience what will be contained within the report. In this case, the audience will be health professionals. The suggested word count for this section is between 500–750 words. Section 2: Overview of chosen social issue In Section 2 you should introduce the chosen social issue that will form the focus of the report. You should provide a clear description of what the social issue is and the effect that it has individually and more broadly on society. In doing so, consider both the historical and current impact (i.e. internet addiction would not have been an issue historically. You should include any relevant statistics and/or information pertaining to epidemiology, including causes and contributing factors (e.g. who is at risk?). Remember when describing trends and stating figures for statistics to use formal sources and not websites such as Wikipedia. You should additionally include an evaluation of current approaches to treatment and intervention (e.g. medical treatments, psychological treatments, broader interventions and programs). You should not include any intervention and/or treatment that is based on your proposed intervention. This will be covered in Section 3. Instead, the focus here should be on existing efforts to address the chosen social issue. The aim of Section 2 is to provide a thorough overview of the chosen social issue and to help illustrate to the audience that it is a significant problem that needs further attention. The suggested word count for this section is approximately between 1000–1200 words. Section 3: Introduction and integration of positive psychology In this section you should broadly and briefly introduce the discipline of positive psychology with a specific focus on what positive psychology is and how it may be applied to improve the wellbeing of people in general (e.g. how it might be used in counselling). Having provided a general introduction, you should then describe the aspect(s) of positive psychology that will form the basis of your intervention (e.g. meditation and mindfulness, religion and spirituality, flow, signature strengths, broadening of emotions). You should provide a clear and accurate description, including integration of relevant theory as applicable. You should also provide a brief literature review that helps outline the efficacy of the chosen positive psychology aspect for the purposes of treatment and/or interventions. Where possible, the literature should focus on your chosen social trend, but in the absence of relevant literature, you can focus more broadly. You should make sure you critically evaluate the literature. The overall aim of Section 3 is to introduce positive psychology as an approach to helping people and to review the current literature on a specific aspect of positive psychology. The suggested word count for this section is 1500 words. Section 4: Intervention proposal In the final section of the report you should provide a detailed description of your proposed intervention. You should provide sufficient detail on the intervention focusing on the what, who, how, where, when, and why. ·       What the intervention is: o   Make sure you provide a clear, thorough description of the intervention and include a rationale. ·       Who it is aimed at: o   Is the intervention aimed at individuals experiencing the targeted social issue (e.g. drug users, obese individuals) or does it also capture a broader audience (e.g. educators, family members)? Make sure it is clear as to who would be the ideal candidate for the intervention. ·       How the intervention would work: o   Describe clearly the processes and mechanisms involved for your chosen intervention (e.g. if you choose meditation as a technique, how would it work? Would surveys, questionnaires and/or clinical interviews be involved?). Also include how you would know it worked (i.e. what criteria would you use to measure success for the intervention?). ·       When it would be implemented: o   This should essentially focus on timing; would the intervention run daily? Weekly? Monthly? Once off? Would it be available at all times or would access be restricted? ·       Where it would be implemented: o   Would the intervention be in person? Online? Would it be run in a community setting? A school setting? ·       Why you have chosen this approach: o   This is an important aspect of this Section, as you must provide a justification for the approach you have taken. In doing so, you evaluate other alternatives you considered and the limitations to these. The overall aim of Section 4 is to provide a detailed overview of your proposed intervention.The suggested word count for this section is between 1500–2000 words.  Other sections You should also include within your report: ·       An abstract (no more than 250 words). ·       A table of contents. ·       A conclusion. ·       A reference list. Please note: The word count does not include these sections. You are to draw from current peer-reviewed research and publications and your work should conform to APA requirements. For more details see: our written report will be assessed using the following marking criteria: 1.    Title page, table of contents, and abstract. 2.    Organisation, APA style, and format. 3.    Section 1: Introduction. 4.    Section 2: Overview of chosen social issue. 5.    Section 3: Introduction and integration of positive psychology. 6.    Section 4: Intervention proposal. 7.    Presentation and style.

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Social Anxiety in adolescence in Australia
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