Social and Emotional Development Assignment | Online Assignment

my instructions are do not copy anyones work because she uses turn in it. it is due at 1159pm. today ( may 11). i hired someone and cancelled because they did not read prompt!! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS !!!!! 6-8 PAGES , 10 mim sources. if u have any questions or any claifications- ask me !!!! this is for my child development class

Research Paper (120 Points)

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Social and Emotional Development Assignment | Online Assignment
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a topic of your choice related to social/emotional development.


You will need to identify a topic of interest relevant to social and emotional development and begin the search for related research


One research paper will be assigned, typically between 6 and 8 pages. Students will need to choose a topic related to social and emotional development and find peer-reviewed research to evaluate. Details will be delivered in class and on Canvas.


Final Research Paper (80 points).



Topic (10 points): Identify your topic clearly in the opening paragraph of your paper. Indicate what makes the topic interesting without the use of first person. Make sure all terms are clearly defined within the first page of your paper, using APA citations to back up your definitions.


Discussion of Existing Research (40 points): This is the bulk of the research paper. I want to know what has already been done on the topic, just as a literature review would show us. (If you need examples, consider using the literature reviews from articles we have read in class, or the review paper we read for AB 1). This portion of the rubric has two sections:


Overall Discussion of Existing Research (20 points): What answers do we have for your question, or for parts of your question? (As an example, maybe you’ve found detailed information on self-esteem and bully/victims, and some on self-esteem of the victims of bullying). What ideas have been explored? Identify the common methods used to answer your question or similar questions. Are the ideas listed clearly related to your topic?


Use of Existing Research (2 points per article, 10 articles minimum = 20 points)

You are required to use a minimum of 10 articles. For this portion of the rubric, I will be identifying each article and attempting to find, from your paper, what unique idea this research article contributed to your paper.

You may not find 10 articles that specifically answer all parts of your question – you may not even find 1. That’s okay! Make sure they relate to your question and you can make the connection.


Next Steps (15 points): Where should research go from here? Through your discussion of existing research, you should notice holes in the research – maybe researchers are overlooking an interesting method, or not asking your question from the precise angle you would like to examine. Explore at least four ideas of where you would like to see research move in the future, providing each idea and an explanation for why it would be valuable, and finish the paper with a concluding statement.


Formatting (5 points): Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margins. Please include an APA title page and running head with page numbers. Use APA style headings and subheadings. No abstract required.


In-Text Citations & APA Reference Page (10 points): Proper use of in-text citations according to APA format is required. All references must be in complete APA format. If you are using an automatic generator, you must check your references. Be sure to alphabetize by the last name of the first author. Use posted resources, feedback on class assignments, and each other as needed.

Grammar/Clarity: Please spellcheck and review for grammar. The assignment should flow smoothly and be easy to read and understand. If there are multiple errors, especially errors that make the paper difficult to understand, this will impact your score in each relevant section of the paper.



Please be aware of the late policy: Papers turned in after the deadline will be considered late and deducted 10%.  Papers will lose an additional 10% for every working day the paper is late (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, or official University holidays).  The instructor will not accept ANY late papers more than one week after the due date. This policy applies to all stages of the research paper. The final paper may have additional constraints on lateness due to the end of the semester; see the syllabus for details.


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