Skin, Hair and Nails Assignment | Online Assignment


Skin, Hair and Nails Submission Instructions: Submit your Lab Pass – Certificate of Completion. null What is the Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience™ (DCE)? Shadow Health provides a clinical simulation designed to improve your assessment skills in a safe learning environment. You will examine digital patients throughout the course that are accessible online 24/7. Our Digital Clinical Experience is free of many of the constraints and interruptions you face in a hospital or clinical setting. This unique simulation experience allows you to conduct in-depth patient exams and interviews at your own pace. Because the exams are in-depth, these assignments will often take over an hour to complete, so it is important to plan enough time to complete your assignments each week. null Technical requirements Review requirements: (Links to an external site.) Tablets and mobile devices are not currently supported. To use Speech-to-Text, you must complete assignments in Google Chrome. Shadow Health Support: Contact Shadow Health with any questions or technical issues regarding Shadow Health before contacting your instructor. Support is available at (Links to an external site.) Please review video to complete the assignment

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Skin, Hair and Nails Assignment | Online Assignment
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