Situational Analysis Framework of Riverbend City Case

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You have viewed the two presentations on Riverbend City’s NAC members analyzing some of the data for use in the needs prioritization and project interview process. Thus, you now know a lot more about Riverbend City’s public needs assessment project. This is an opportunity to analyze what you understand so far about its SAF.

You will then determine the next steps for the project. Some of the members have very different perspectives on what the SAF data means and some are supportive of certain needs-based issues. Everyone has their own perspective, areas of expertise, and interests. Reliability and validity of the SAF data also play a role in the outcome.

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Situational Analysis Framework of Riverbend City Case
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As a consultant hired to facilitate this SAF of Riverbend City’s case study exploration, include the following in your analysis:
•Select members of the NAC and develop the strategy they should use to make sure the SAF data they are supporting is as accurate and useful as possible. ◦Are the right people represented on the NAC? Consider who else might be added?
◦What kinds of data gathering and modeling have been performed already? Provide examples of what makes their data effective and informative for the needs prioritization process.

•Write a script defending and explaining the data use to other NAC members. Remember to use the voices of other committee members to ask your selected member questions to carry the discussion along.
•Discuss the next steps in the data gathering process.

You will want to consider focus groups and interviewing techniques, participants, possible access barriers to people or information, and any other aspects that you think might trip up the project. Remember, you are the consultant hired to facilitate this, so be creative.


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