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Argumentative Research Paper’s Neutral introduction (PARAGRAPH 1 required template) 10 points Common Ground (PARAGRAPH 2 required template) 10 points Points clearly stated as questions (evidence of clear argument for each) (20 points) Significant use of reliable quotes/research and critical thinking in all 5 points (20 points) Balance of both sides within Points 1-4 (20 points) Consistent format (Alternating Method with Side A/Side B transitions in each paragraph) (20 points) Conclusion that provides a strong sense of purpose and a clear winner (20 points) Proofreading/Correct grammar (20 points) Correct in-text citations/Works Cited (40 points) MLA page numbering (10 points) MLA margins and font size (10 points) Your paper is required to have five points. They are essentially sub-topics/debates that fit into the main topic. They need to be worded in question format, and they need to be answerable with yes and no. The points are the basis of the argument, so you need to spend time selecting/wording them effectively. You need to make sure you have current, reliable resources that represent both sides, yes and no, for each point. Carefully balance the sides. Don’t allow one to be more evident than the other. They deserve equal representation. For every Side A, in points 1-4, you must have a Side B paragraph. Point 5 will be one-sided. Based on who is going to be announced as the winner, Point 5 belongs to that impending winner

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Should College be Free to Everyone Assignment | Get Paper Help
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