Short Story “The ones who walked away from Omelas”


Short Story Essay After you’ve read the short stories for the fiction unit, choose one of the stories as the subject of your essay. The chapter on Writing About Stories focuses on creating your literary essay. After you’ve examined the chapter, look at the section titled Topics for Short essays. You may choose one of these topics, or you can pick one of your own. The journal prompts for each story may also give you ideas for your topic. Your essay should follow the MLA format outlined in the textbook.  Please pay close attention to the sample essays. The Work Cited at the end of the sample essays shows the information for citing the story you’re discussing. The only thing you will need to change will be the author and title of the story and the page numbers. The length of the essay should be approximately 700-1000 words in length. Use evidence from the story you’ve chosen to support your thesis (overall point you’re making in the essay). The in-text citations in the sample papers illustrates the MLA parenthetical citation format for including the evidence you’ve chosen from your story.

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Short Story “The ones who walked away from Omelas”
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