Shakespeare – Hamlet


On the Shakespearean play Hamlet,  analyze the theme and its significance in the play. After you craft a thesis statement in which you briefly explain and argue the ways in which the theme functions, locate a few specific lines from the play that support your thesis. When you write your essay, each paragraph should be approximately 12 sentences long. The first paragraph should introduce your argument with relevant background information and a thesis statement; body paragraphs must be analysis driven, not plot driven (pay particular attention to topic sentences to see if your body paragraphs are on track) with one to two lines of quoted text per body paragraph. The conclusion should address the “so what” aspect of your argument; you may want to speculate the cultural implication or the thematic impact of your argument.   Your essay must consist of 1000 words minimum of analysis with an additional Works Cited page containing your play’s complete and correct bibliographic entry; the total document length is approximately 5 pages and must follow MLA 8th edition formatting and citation guidelines. Do not use secondary sources. Be careful not to write a book report; make and support an argument.

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Shakespeare – Hamlet
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