Sexual Harassment


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Sexual Harassment
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Sexual Harassment

Specific purpose statement: To inform the audience on matters of sexual harassment and the importance of reporting it whenever it occurs.

Central idea: The #MeToo movement has given a voice to the victims of sexual harassment and through it the perpetrators of sexual harassment have been brought to book.


Sexual harassment is common in the workplace and it is mostly subjected to women. Most are intimidated by the perpetrators and they are not able to report these offenses whenever they occur. Through the #MeToo social movement, many women have come forward with stories of how they have been harassed in their work environment. This has led to the apprehensive of some of the most prominent people who engaged in sexual harassment during their careers.

(Connective: ends by giving examples of people that have been exposed by the #MeToo movement and the next chapter begin by highlighting the common this about them).


I. Impact of not speaking out

A. Reasons for not speaking out: This s mainly because of intimidation since the perpetrators have held positions of power. The females fear that they might face negative consequences in case they report the incidences.

B. Results of not speaking out: The perpetrators continue to harass other victims and as the #MeToo movement has shown, the perpetrators do not carry out their acts on just one woman.

(Connective: Now that we understand the impact of no speaking up. We can divulge on the social media movement that as sparked the conversation).

II. Social media Platforms

A. Twitter. Tweets on this platform are aimed at addressing the sexual harassment cases while showing empathy and encouragement to the victims to speak up about the crimes carried out against them.

B. Reddit: This platform provides an opportunity for the sexual harassment victims to speak up about the acts either in their workplaces or their homes.

(Connective: Now that the social media platform has shown that the perpetrators are mostly men, what can men do to help end this menace?)

III. Role of men in the movement

A. #HowIWillChange: This is a social movement that has sprung up as a result of the #MeToo social movement. This is a platform where men express how they vouch to end the culture of women sexual harassment in their homes and workplaces.


By speaking out and ensuring that men are aware of the impact that sexual harassment has on women and how they can help in ending it, there is a possibility of eliminating the vice from our society.


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