Session #4 – The Gendering of Your Meal!


Read:   Swenson – Domestic Divo?  Televised Treatments of Masculinity, Feminity, and Food Questions to Ponder While Reading: a.  In what ways does the kitchen become a gendered space, according to Swenson? b.  What does it mean to say that “gendered work” exists in the kitchen/The Food Network? c.  What does it mean to say cooking as: a. flexing professional muscles, b. leisurely entertainment, c. domestic work, d. competitive work, and e. a journey?  What are some examples of these types of cooking? Submit: Remember to upload your discussion contribution by 11:59pm the night before our session.  Link for submission can be found on the front page of this module (i.e. where you just came from to get here). In class Agenda: a.  Discussing what you found out about distribution of your food item in the United States b.  Gender as Structure – What is that all about? c.  Small Group Discussion/Whole Class Discussion d.  Digital Story Planning

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Session #4 – The Gendering of Your Meal!
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