Serving the Public

Please see instructions below. Due in 18 hours.

Serving the Public

Public administrators should find themselves in an environment that is mission-oriented. All efforts should be aimed at achieving organizational goals, which might mean marginalizing your own goals and values to some extent. This can be challenging. For this discussion, imagine you are a manager providing part of the new employee orientation. The part of the orientation tasked to you is to introduce those new to the public sector of the ethical expectations of public sector employees, the challenges they might face in doing so, and guidelines they might use for assessing the potential ethical consequences of the ethical challenges they face.

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Serving the Public
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For this discussion, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation using one of two formats:

  1. Record a Kaltura presentation. This approach uses a PowerPoint presentation that advances itself, accompanied by an audio recording that guides viewers through the presentation. Include a transcript, a detailed outline, or presentation notes at the bottom of each slide of your audio recording, OR,
  2. Create a PowerPoint presentation with detailed presentation notes section completed. This approach uses a PowerPoint with detailed notes in the presentation notes area at the bottom of each slide. The presentation notes are a transcript of the presentation you would make if showing the presentation to an audience.

In presenting the information to the new employees, the PowerPoint must include the following:

  1. Title slide.
  2. Purpose slide.
  3. Content slide(s).
  4. Summary slide.
  5. References slide.

Based on the guidelines, the presentation must have a minimum of five slides. You will need at least one slide for content, but may use as many as you need.


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