Seoul Gangnam district

Paper # 1:Analysis of a Modern City

For this paper, select a city to study through a map or photograph or series of photographs and maps. Show how these processes can be “read” through maps, photographs of the city and its people. Can “modernity” be observed on a map? In the way buildings and streets are laid out and organized?

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Seoul Gangnam district
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Do research on this city to find out about its planning, modernization process. Was there a critical moment in its development that led it to be created/modernized? How did this relate to globalization? To trade, politics and culture?


4-5 pages 2 space/Times Roman 12 point

Page numbers include references

At least 1 Image or Map: do not count for pages: place them at the back of your paper.Remember to reference the images. Explain in 1-2 lines where they came from.

References: Use at least three additional textual sources in addition to the course readings. Explain why you used each source 1-2 lines below the reference. These may include academic articles, reports, or news sources, but not Wikipedia.

Paper instructions

i choose the topic ‘Seoul Gangnam district” for this reaserch paper.
i want to write why gangnam was developed, and how change the city was influenced by gangnam development plan.

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Discipline: global studies


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