Semester Research Project Description


For the assigned case study, BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010 (located in Course Information), you must individually analyze it, addressing each of the four items for analysis below. Then post your analysis in Blackboard under Final Assignment. Key Issues: Briefly describe the leading issues in this case using the information presented in the case description. Diagnosis: Define the nature of the problems (structure, human recourses political, cultural) and defend your diagnosis. Processes: Define the process problems in the case. Do they result from poor communication, missing leadership, muddled decision-making, incomplete problem solving, ineffective group norms and rules, inadequate conflict resolution strategies, inadequate structure or design of the organization, or some other reason? Redesign: Describe the steps you would take to take to redesign this situation to resolve the problems presented in the case. You will propose four to six concise recommendations for people, technology, and structural changes at the individual, interpersonal, and/or organizational levels. PROGRESS REPORT II – 05 points Due 11/05 Diagnosis: Define the nature of the key issues (structure, human recourses political, cultural) and defend your diagnosis. Deliverable: A three-page (APA style) report that includes: that defines the nature of the key issues based on the 4 frames and why. Grading Rubric: 3 points – Reported on each of the key issues referencing the 4 frames (structure, human resources, political, and cultural) 2 points – Well written (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation)

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Semester Research Project Description
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