Paper instructions

This discussion forum explores Carl Rogers and humanism.

Your participation in the discussion forum, including the following:

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A response to the initial question(s)
Responses to at least two other students’ posts

Step 1

Research “Carl Rogers and psychology” on the Internet.

Step 2
Read about the fully functioning person.

Read the article. It lists five qualities about a fully functioning person:

Openness to experience
Existential living
Organismic trusting
Experiential freedom
Step 3
Post a response to Rogers’ concept of the fully functioning person.

In your response, include answers to the following questions:

Which parts do you agree or disagree with?
How does Rogers’ view compare with that of Maslow and other humanists?
Step 4
Read and respond to other students’ posts

Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two of them.
You may respond to students who have selected the same topic as you or different topic(s).

Discussion Requirements
This will ensure maximum points and for me to give timely feedback to the discussions.
APA Format, with citations if needed.
Ensure you do not plagiarize; the instructor will be using Grammarly to check your submissions. Grammarly Premium is offered at no additional cost to you through Spartan; it is not the “Free” online version.
250 words minimum (-10 Points).
Make sure you are answering all portions of the question or questions being asked. Example: If it is a two-part question then you will automatically start at 50 points if you fail to respond to both parts of it.
Recommend that you use Grammarly (Settings to Academic, Essay, and Plagiarism) to check your post before submitting it, this will allow you to catch all easily correctable spelling and grammar errors (-1 Point per mistake).
Utilize the information and knowledge obtained from the chapters reading material and use it to answer the question (failure to do this will result in points being deducted). Once you have demonstrated your knowledge of the chapter’s information, it is always acceptable to use a personal experience to give an example of the situation.
Every student must respond to at least 2 of your classmate’s posts, must be more substantial than I agree/disagree or I like/dislike your classmates post (-5 points).

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Discipline: Introductory Psychology


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