Select American FactFinder From The Toolbar

ii) Visit Claritas using this link:
iii) Select Free Report from the right hand toolbar. Enter your zip code (or a zip code of your choice). What do you learn about the area you live in?
iv) Then, go to and perform the same exercise. Select American FactFinder from the toolbar on the left. Type the zip code in the box provided and select Go.
v) Write a 750-1,000 word paper in APA format about what you found from these two web sites.
(1) What did you find that surprised you?
(2) How are they different?
(3) How are they the same?
(4) How might these two market research sources help a company develop a marketing mix?
(5) What might each of the 2 sources tell you about consumer behavior in your area?
(6) How reliable is the data when using it for market research?
(7) In what ways might the market research information presented by the two sources not be helpful? Explain.

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Select American FactFinder From The Toolbar
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