Security architecture

Please choose a company that has been hacked in the last two years. Any company will do, but please make sure it is a well known company.
It has been 14 days after the hack has been revealed to the public, it has exposed the personal data of a lot of the US population. You have been hired as an IT Security Consultant by a competitor of this company, to identify what went wrong with the hack and make recommendations to senior management to try and prevent similar incidents from happening to the company that hired you. Management also wants to ensure that the company responds appropriately should reasonable safeguards prove insufficient and a data breach does occur to them.
For the purposes of this exercise, assume that your company has no existing formalized Information Security Program. Include as much detail as you feel is required, but technical details of specific protocols or technologies are not required.
Slide Presentation Covering
Company that was Breached
Identify which company you’re consulting for; provide profile
What kind of attack took place against competitor?
Provide Timeline of Attack
What information was stolen?
How many people were impacted? How?
What Ramifications (if any) did the company suffer? Or you expect them to suffer?
What might the company have done differently to prevent this attack?
How can the company you’re consulting for protect itself? Include several suggestions and explain why they were selected and what impact it is likely to have.

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Security architecture
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