Scholarship Essay


This is an essay for a scholarship for the ASSP Foundation.  The essay is 500 words. What is required of me to apply? A: Applications must be submitted through the online application page. There are at least five required short answer pieces, with a limit of 500 words each. Take your time, and thoughtfully and clearly answer the questions. A big part of how applicants are rated comes from how you answer the short-answer questions. Reviewers are looking for your passion for the profession, and how you have and will play a part in enhancing the future of the profession. Be specific. This is the time to brag! The easiest way to be denied an award is to answer the questions with a single sentence. The questions include: What drew you to the field of safety and how has your education affected your views of the field? my father had an accident that left him blind in one eye because of his barrier or disability it placed a hardship on our family because my dad couldn’t work which lead to my dad not working as much and my parents divorced. I always wonder as I have gotten older what could have been done to prevent this from happening to my father. What goals do you have for yourself, both in school and beyond, and what plans to do you have for reaching them? I plan to manage or co-manage a safety program is a large oil and gas company. I have always wanted to work aboard with KBR and recently except an internship with the organization that will start in January of 2021. My plans are to work part-time an taking a 12 hours this semester and next semester graduate and maintain my 3.25. I have taken a COVID contact tracing certification with John Hopkins University.  I am working on obtain different certification in safety to make me more marketable.  What leadership and volunteer positions have you taken within the safety community and what positions do you envision in the future? I begin to sphere heard the Safety Organization at my university however due to COVID-19 the chapter could not be completed. I was also schedule to complete a 3 days training program with Certified Safety however due to COVID-19 the training was cancelled.   What is the greatest takeaway from your current year in school? What will you do with that knowledge to impact people throughout your career? These past few months of staying home and social distancing have been unusual, but also eye-opening. The people I am used to seeing in person every day are suddenly on my screens instead. People of all ages have been feeling a sense of dislocation and dependence on technology during this time. It has also taught me how to balance and prioritize things more. I have a teenage daughter who is also home and attending school virtually..  What makes you stand out as an applicant? What sets me apart from everyone is probably my ability to manage my time efficiently. While in attendance at my university, I would meticulously create to do lists each week, delegate task to various team members when working on projects, and break big goals into smaller part in order to focus on them individually. Because of my time management skills I  am so happy to be graduating next may.

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Scholarship Essay
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