Scholarly paper about a nursing theorist- Ida Orlando


SCHOLARLY PAPER: Due Week #7 In a 6 page paper (not including title page or reference page), students are to write a well-organized paper including the following. In their writings they are to include: a.       Choose a nursing theorist who appeals to you the most.  Which one describes nursing similar to the way you think of nursing? What is it about the theory that makes sense to you? Briefly describe the theory in your own words. b.       Why does it resonate with you? c.       How will this theory help you organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision- making in your nursing practice? d.       Explain why this theorist is important in the development of the profession of nursing. ·         The paper should follow APA format (6th ed.), proper grammar, and references.  The paper must be submitted to Turn-it-in with a similarity index of no more then 15% ·         Submit to Brightspace on a designated due date/time (see course schedule). ·         Any assignments submitted after the scheduled due date and time will lose 10% PER DAY for every day of lateness. ·         Follow the grading rubric requirements. *** For this assignment I Chose Ida Orlando. I chose her because Psychiatric health is really interesting to me. I know that this paper asks for person reasons on picking this theorist but honestly I just just don’t know what to write. Psych is something that interests me and I would consider going into after graduation. I have an aunt that is manic bipolar and just seeing what she goes through and her behaviors are interesting. I like her theory because I also believe that the relationship between the patient and nurse is very important and influential on treatment. If you have any questions or need my input on anything please contact me. Thank you. **Does not need an abstract** Grading rubric is as follows NSG3001 INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING SCHOLARLY PAPER       STUDENT NAME                                                               CRITERIA POSSIBLE POINTS EARNED POINTS Introduction and thesis statement 10   Paper is written in a clear and concise manner  It describes the theory succinctly and how it resonates with with th 30   Included critical information related to topic 20   Conclusion with critical summary 20   Proper APA Format, grammar,  and spelling 10   Reference page (minimum of four references) Must use scholarly journal articles and books 10   TOTAL POINTS 100     *LATENESS WILL RESULT IN REDUCTION OF POINTS  10 Points per day up to 5 days.  After that, the paper will automatically receive a “0”.  All papers must be submitted to turn-it-in with a maximum similarity index of 15%.

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Scholarly paper about a nursing theorist- Ida Orlando
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