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Salvation by Therapy

Salvation by Therapy
Salvation by therapy is a philosophy that reduces the significance of spiritual issues by referring to them as psychological problems. In contrast to the field of psychology, this paradigm aims at providing an alternative to religious beliefs. According to Wilkens and Sanford (2009), the insistence of the 21st century society to solve its problems through therapy has facilitated the spread of this worldview. I believe that this philosophy is an attempt by humanity to solve its problems without waiting for solutions from the Deity. This approach to life creates conflict at the workplace between those of us who believe in the spiritual realm’s help in solving our problems and those who desire to create solutions without any inclusion of the Deity.
I do not support the paradigm of salvation by therapy because it erodes the spiritual elements of an individual. My work philosophy and character traits are founded on the belief that there is a power greater than me, which I must appease by observing its moral standards (Ryken, 2006). My world view, therefore, conflicts with those who believe in salvation by therapy, as they desire to solve problems at work and school using their understanding, whereas I insist on consulting the spiritual realm. My preference may cause delays in decision-making, but I believe that this does not affect the quality of the solutions I offer.
The salvation by therapy approach argues that there is no relationship between psychological problems and the spiritual dimension. Proponents of this worldview highlight that the scriptures only provide a general solution to psychological issues, which makes these readings insufficient in providing solutions (Wilkens & Sanford, 2009). One of my married friends, who subscribes to this theory, completely ignored talking to his pastor when his marriage was almost breaking because of infidelity. Instead, he and his wife started going to a therapist, who considered such issues in marriage purely psychological. My belief is that the solutions people choose should incorporate their psychological, spiritual, physical, and emotional dimensions. Ignoring or emphasizing one of these dimensions negatively influences the holistic growth of an individual.

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Salvation by Therapy | Homework Help
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