Salvation and violence

Paper instructions

This is a Christian ethics class and the assignment is to write a critical paper on chapters 4 & 5 of the book Gandhi and Jesus: The Saving Power of Nonviolence. The details requirements are attached.
Note: English is my 2nd language, and this type of writing its not easy to me.

Required Texts:

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Salvation and violence
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Rynne, Terrence J.  Gandhi and Jesus:  The Saving Power of Nonviolence.  Maryknoll, NY:  Orbis Books.  2009.  ISBN-10: 1570757666


 Critical Response Paper – 150 points 

Each student will be responsible for preparing and presenting to class a 500-word (+/- 50 words) critical response paper on an assigned chapter in Rynne.

The critical response paper should address the following questions:

What do you understand to be the main point(s) of this chapter?  How does the work done here contribute to the larger project of Rynne’s book? 2. Critically reflect on Rynne’s views as articulated in the chapter:  What strengths do you see in his argument?  What problems do you recognize there? 3. What questions arise for you as you read this chapter?  4. Prepare one substantive question to propose to your classmates for discussion.  (In general, a “substantive” question is one that elicits significant thought about an issue, one about which there might be difference of opinion, a question that leads us deeper into the issues addressed in the readings rather than into the realm of personal opinion of the class members, and, definitely, not a question with a “yes/no” answer).

Papers should be 500 words +/- 50 words and headed with your name, the date, and the pages or chapter to which you are responding.

PAPERS:All papers should be double-spaced, written in Chicago/Turabian or MLA writing style, and should be done using Times New Roman 12 point font.  Because learning to organize one’s thoughts and to write concisely is an important academic skill, papers exceeding the required word count will forfeit 50 points.

2.25 Salvation and violence Rynne, pp. 133-188


Response papers due, Chapters 4,5. (as assigned)



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