Russian hacking of US computers (2016)

For this assignment, you will choose a world event. You can choose one of the ones listed below or come up with your own.   Explain which states are involved, if there are any non-state actors, international governmental organizations or non-governmental organizations involved in the conflict. Also, identify a few of the key individuals involved.  Then lastly, and here’s the tricky part, decide which theory would best explain the event and explain your choice. Be sure to define the theory.  Your response should be 3 – 5 paragraphs.

Russian hacking of US computers (2016)

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Russian hacking of US computers (2016)
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The Korean War (1950 – present)

The Cold War (1945-91)

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change (2015)

Please be sure to put quotation marks around material copied word-for-word from another source and to cite the source. Also, be sure to cite paraphrased information.


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