Risk Reporting


Submit: A Submit a detailed analysis of a summation of all of the risk monitoring and reporting methods with pros and cons of each Resource: PMBOK Per BMBOK Use these Tools and Methods (8.6.3) Tools and Techniques PMBOK Mentioned Methods ·        Risk reassessment has the task to identify new risks and to restart the row of risk management processes for making them managed ·        Risk audits “[…] examine and document the effectiveness of risk responses […]” ·        Variance and trend analysis executed on the base of work performance information may “[…] indicate the potential impact of threats or opportunities” or may activate a trigger  ·        Technical performance measurement is used for being able to compare the plan and the reality which itself may activate triggers ·        Reserve analysis “[…] compares the amount of contingency reserves remaining to the amount of risk remaining at any time in the project […]” ·        Status meetings are used to analyses triggering situations and so on NOTE: This assignment is an academic type assignment meaning APA, cited sources, quotes and talk about the theories and concepts. DO NOT just define/ restate the theories and concepts, you ARE ANALYZING them so you are comparing /contrasting, pros/cons, advantages/disadvantages of and between the parts, whole and each of the applications.  Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Risk Reporting
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