Risk Register assignment

For this assignment, you will begin to populate the risk register and identify the risks that may occur in the project. For this assignment you will complete and submit:

  1. Risk Register that includes a comprehensive list of identified risks.
  2. A minimum (“meets requirements”) of 15 risks should be identified
  3. To ensure the risk identification includes the breadth and depth necessary for success, be sure to include at least 2 risks from:

1 project-level/ business risks

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Risk Register assignment
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2 risks per phase of the project (so, if the project has 5 phases, this would be two per phase or 10 risks)

1 project-specific resource risks

1schedule risks (critical path)

1 project-specific cost risks

2 implementation risks

2 opportunities

  1. Risk statements must be written in the cause-condition-conclusion format. Additionally, you should identify the risk owner and the trigger event for each risk.
  2. Include a summary paragraph sharing how risks were identified, what was effective about the process and what you might do differently moving forward.





Risk Identification
Risk Number Risk Statement   Risk Owner Trigger
  Cause Condition Consequence Category    
1                       This risk is a sample only – be sure to delete and add your own risk work into this Due to a lack of interest in volunteering/ mentoring students we may be unable to secure enough volunteers which will limit the number of teams that can participate. Staff TM 1 Volunteer sign up is low by mid-point of activity



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