Response Paper Assignment TED (Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire actions? )


Objectives for developing writing skills: This writing assignment is meant to develop the following skills: ability to 1) write response assignments, 2) summarize and paraphrase 3) use language for discussing reflections and critical analysis, 4) show critical thinking ability through writing, 5) use vocabulary related to your major, 6) format papers according to American conventions, and 7) submit papers on Common pitfalls to avoid: • Some essays do not appear to be a response to an article/video but a general discussion of a topic. Essays can appear this way for two main reasons: 1) when students do not refer to the video frequently enough and 2) when students do not indicate clearly which ideas in the essay are their own and which ideas are the presenter’s ideas. Use signal words to indicate when you are discussing the author’s ideas (e.g., “[presenter’s name] mentions….”) and when you are discussing your ideas (e.g., “I agree with the author that…..”) • Some essays consist mostly of a summary of the video and lack sufficient discussion of your response to the video. The majority of your essay (at least more than half) should be about your thoughts/reflection/response. • Remember to show rather than tell your reader. In other words, you need to provide examples to support your claims instead of simply asserting them. • Do not overstate your claims. Another reason to focus on using evidence for support is that this focus can help to prevent you from overstating your position. Be cautious in your claims and rely on evidence. Grading criteria: Your essay will be graded on the following criteria: • response shows thorough comprehension of the video (20 pts) • the video is explained clearly and appropriately (20 pts) • response shows thoughtfulness/critical thinking about the video (20 pts) • response ideas are fully developed and supported with sufficient evidence/discussion (20 pts) • there are minimal errors in grammar (10 pts) • essay is formatted appropriately (5 pts) • essay meets length requirement (5 pts)

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Response Paper Assignment TED (Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire actions? )
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