Response Paper # 4: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd

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Response Paper # 4: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd., is a Colorado
bakery owned and operated by Jack Phillips, an expert baker and
devout Christian. In 2012 he told a same-sex couple that he would not
create a cake for their wedding celebration because of his religious
opposition to same-sex marriages—marriages that Colorado did not
then recognize—but that he would sell them other baked goods, e.g.,
birthday cakes” (The Supreme Court Syllabus of the Case). The state
of Colorado penalized Phillips so severely that he had to stop selling
cakes. Was it right that he was punished for discrimination in his
cake-baking when such punishment violated his right to do business
with whom he wanted?

These are short reflection papers designed for you to engage the reading and the lectures. The idea here is that you should demonstrate in the paper that you understand the material from the reading and lectures and can integrate it into your reflections on the question asked. These will be graded as formal writing so you should use the style appropriate to your major, e.g. MLA if that is the appropriate one. Theyshould be no more than two pages, or 500 words (double-spaced with 1″ margins). When I grade these, I look particularly for evidence of your having read the assignment, which is typically your using something from the reading in your answer. I also look for understanding. How well you understand the reading is typically communicated by the precision and completeness of your answer. Finally, I grade on your writing competency. For the purposes of this element of your grade, you should consider this as the equivalent of an English class. Generally, I expect you to write these short answers without any errors at all. However, I will allow one or two errors.

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Response Paper # 4: Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd
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