Research proposal E-Commerce Web-App

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Assignment Instructions
For this activity, you will revise the document you created in module 3 (in additional materials) and conduct your research. Incorporate what you have learned about the psychology of everyday things when conducting your research. Specifically, think about how people do things that your proposal will do, and how we tend to blame the wrong things. This document should include –

Vision Statement: This is used to describe the future vision of your product (that was used and approved in module 3).
Competitive Audit (analysis): Using the headings: Site name, URL, # of users, Target Audience, Features, Goal of Site, Is goal clear? In a spreadsheet compare at least five similar sites/products. You may add more headings if applicable (that was used and approved in module 3).
Research Plan:
Who was in your sample (who you spoke with?)
Where did you perform the interviews or observations?
What methods did you use?
What questions did you ask?
Summarize the results of your research.
This information will be used to develop your Personas later in this module.
Submit your report, approximately 2-5 pages in length. Use APA format to cite any resources.

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Research proposal E-Commerce Web-App
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