Research Paper#2–Cultural autobiography paper


Research paper/autobiography assignment Write an 8+-page paper in which you record recollections about your childhood and adult socialization pertaining to race, class, and/or gender.  Use your own recollections of family members, peers, teachers, media, churches, and other agents of socialization.  Address the following questions in your paper:   To what extent were you primarily taught to be tolerant/intolerant of people different from you?  By whom? (This can involve family, religious organizations,  friends, schools, neighborhoods, and media sources.)  How?  Give concrete/specific examples. Similarly—to be accepting? fearful?  In what ways? What other attitudes, beliefs, and emotions do you recall from your experiences?   In each case, discuss any ways in which you have felt challenged in your original ideology/ies.  Even if you hold to your original training/socialization, share some incidents in which you may have struggled (e.g., liberal white guilt? Finding that you like or admire someone from another social group?)   In this paper, I will ask you to cite a minimum of 5 APA-style academic sources (books and/or academic journals), some of which deal with prejudice/discrimination and others of which deal with socialization. Of these sources, one source should be Newman, and the remaining sources should be research articles from EBSCO.  If you’d like to use one book to replace one of the journal sources, that would be fine.  NO WEBSITES, though!  Anything from google will not count as a legitimate source.   Citations must be in APA format.  Purchase an APA guide at the bookstore or use the citations guideline on your Canvas home page. You can also use “The OWL of Purdue”on the web.  Don’t GUESS on how to do the APA formatting. Go to the Writing Center or make a phone appointment with me for guidance if this is new to you.  Papers that do not properly use APA formatting will receive fairly severe penalties.

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Research Paper#2–Cultural autobiography paper
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