Research paper on James Baldwin


You will complete a short research paper on your assigned person, era, or movement related to the African American experience.  Your research will consist of locating information that will cover the following; vAn introduction of your selected topic, person or movement vThe tone of society during the period in which your selected individual or topic was essential vThe significant contributions that assisted African Americans during that period vWhat is the connectivity between your topic and the evolution of the African Americans personally, psychologically, and collectively (meaning African Americans as a group)? vHow your selected individual or topic connects to present day vAny additional pertinent information     When researching you should think about, and use the following information; o  What is the purpose of my research?  o  What is the most important piece/s of information pertaining to my  §  selected individual or topic? §  Is the information clearand accurate?   o  Whatquestionsformulated when reading and analyzing the information? o  Whatassumptionsdo I have pertaining to the information and my topic?   Conduct a quick analysis of the information housed within the sources before including it within your paper.

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Research paper on James Baldwin
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