Research, comparing and contrasting, Hamlet


Comparing and Contrasting: Research, Hamlet, and our course themes Essay #4 For your fourth writing assignment you will write a thesis-based argument in which you will compare and/or contrast the use of our course themes in Hamlet with themes in our other course text(s). The prompt requires that you conduct significant outside research of scholarly secondary sources, and incorporate that research into your argument. To successfully write this essay, complete the following steps: a.) Select one of the themes that we have been tracking this semester (Friendship/Love, Revenge/Repair, Ghosts, Truth, Memory, Nature, and Narrative Technique). b.) Conduct scholarly research on your selected theme. c.) Select ONE or TWO other text(s) that we have examined this semester, in addition to Hamlet. ( The Dead by James Joyce and Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics) d.) Write an essay in which you compare and/or contrast the use of your selected theme within Hamlet and the other course text(s) you have selected by synthesizing information from the play, the other literary text(s), and your scholarly research. You MUST apply the research to specific characters, relationships, and/or moments. Remember that the keys to a successful essay will be: a. Articulating a clear, precise thesis statement (that contains a WHAT, WHY, and HOW). b. Presenting a portion of your thesis argument in clear, precise topic sentences (all of which must contain WHAT and WHY statements). c. Providing evidence to support that thesis statement in the form of quotations from the play, one or two other course text(s), and from at least two scholarly secondary sources from your own research. You must quote from Hamlet, your other course text, and your research in EVERY body paragraph! d. Connecting the evidence to your thesis and/or topic sentence by way of your own analysis, which must be an explanation of HOW the quotation you have chosen supports your primary argument. e. Concluding by articulating the lesson of your thesis statement and demonstrating what’s at stake for your argument (the SO WHAT?). f. Ensuring that the essay conforms to MLA standard formatting/grammar. The Format: You must compose your essay using Google Course Kit (see Canvas for more details). Your final draft must be 7-10 complete double-spaced pages with 1-inch margins in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Be sure to use MLA format for your in-text citations and your works cited page. Refer to the syllabus for the late paper policy. When you submit your final draft to Canvas/TurnItIn, please ensure that it is in PDF format

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Research, comparing and contrasting, Hamlet
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