Research Article Analysis.

Research Article Analysis.


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Research Article Analysis.
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For this paper, you will be researching a particular topic (see topic list) and presenting an analysis of a research article on the topic to the class.  Your research should consist of at least two reliable resources:  one of these sources can be one of the textbooks, the other must be a research paper (defined as chapters in a book, articles from journals, or other approved media, with at least 10 citations from other respected sources listed as references, which deals with the topic, discusses it in terms of multilingual users and preferably is related to the age level of students you plan to teach:  newspaper articles and web pages are generally not acceptable).  .


The paper should be written in APA format (including Title Page, Main Body and References) and 1000 words in length.


Your research article should reflect on the topic in terms of the assessment as it relates to teaching multilingual users, address current research on the topic and applying that to student learning.


Your own writing should analyze the importance of the article in terms of the topic and how it relates to the instruction of multilingual users in the bilingual context, the current trends in bilingual instruction, how the information in the article agrees or disagrees with the textbook(s) other readings in class and how your own personal reflection on the topic and how it might be relevant to your own person teaching career and your field or other classroom experiences.


When analyzing the article, you should reflect on how the article relates to how an individual is instructed in the bilingual classroom, and what aspects of this topic and the implications of bilingual instruction will impact on the student’s learning.


When addressing current research, you should talk about how this particular article discusses this in terms of current research, and how the information in the textbook(s) and other articles in class agree or disagree with the article, especially in terms of bilingual education and its effects on language learning in the classroom.


When you reflect personally on the topic, you should address the above, and your personal reactions to the topic, how you would react to the topic in the classroom situation, and what you would feel you would need to be better prepared to handle this topic.  It is also important to relate to your field experiences in this and other classes.
















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