For this exercise, you are to choose either, 1), being in a friendship, or 2), being in a relationship (e.g., boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband). You are to research online on a particular country (not Canada, US, England, Australia, or New Zealand). Blogs and expatriate experiences online are often good sources (put your sources in references at end and include in-text citations). Identify three common misunderstands or challenges that are discussed by those who have been in friendships or relationships and explain them. For a better answer, make a connection to a course idea, situation in a reading, or concept. What to do: What you are looking for, is information about cross-cultural friendships OR relationships (meaning dating, love, couples, marriage). Let’s say you chose Argentina and relationships. Then you would look online for blogs (vlogs), discussion forums (“relationships with Argentinians”), and newsy articles about people who are from other countries (not Argentina) but go there and develop a relationship with an Argentinian. What are the common misunderstandings or problems in relationships that are a pattern? Gather some research, and pull together three common themes/misunderstandings, or conflicts. All sources and formats online are fair game for this one, just provide a reference with a title, author (or organization), and source as before.

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