Reflective Journal


Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Reflective Journal: “Mental retardation”, why change the name? What are the key components of the 2002 AAIDD (AAMR) defintion? Levels of severity and outcomes Explain the four levels of support and the difference it make for people with intellectual disabilities Organize ways of causes and list major known causes of intellectual disabilities self-determination what are it affects *Here is a Reflective Journal Format for your writing expectations. You need a… 1. Topic 2. Introduction 3. Triggering event of situation 4. Appraisal 5. Exploration 6. Conclusion or Integration 7. References The writing assignment follows a general format that includes a Title page, Table of content, 1” margins, double spacing, page numbers, Times New Roman #12 font, APA referencing format.

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Reflective Journal
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