Reflective journals allow you to:
1.    Reflect and evaluate your progress toward meeting the clinical/course objectives
2.    Reflect and evaluate your work, clinical experiences, your application of content learned in theory courses, and your application of the nursing process in community-based settings
3.    Synthesize and refine your critical thinking process
4.    Have continuing dialogue with your clinical instructor about your progress and self-evaluation
Journal Requirements
1.    Describe clinical assignment & location of clinical
2.    Describe clinician you were assigned to and their credentials
3.    Identify population being served
4.    Describe how your clinical experience contributes to your growth as a nurse and/or the nursing profession.
5.    Reflection is not a listing of activities but a thoughtful analysis of the student’s own learning and growth as a nurse.
6.    Include how your weekly clinical experience meets the course learning outcome(s), how theory is being applied in your clinical practice area, and how your clinical experience

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contributes to your growth as a nurse and/or the nursing profession
7.    Which Healthy People 2020 goal does this clinical experience aIDress? Be specific and cite reference in APA format in text and at the end of your journal.
8.    Completed weekly after each clinical and submit within 48 hours of each clinical completion. The first late journal will receive no point deduction; however, subsequent late journals

submitted within 24 hours from the due date will receive 1 point deduction from the total course grade. Journals submitted after 72 hours of clinical completion will receive 5 points deduction

from the total course grade. All weekly journals must be completed; late journals are still required to be submitted.
9.    Submit the document through message board on Black Board.


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