Reflection on My Degree Plan

Paper instructions

For this paper your are reflecting on the degree program “ BACHELORS OF SCIENCE IN LEGAL SUPPORT AND SERVICES. “

With the future plans of becoming a DEFENSE ATTORNEY, you will review your Degree Plan and reflect upon the required and elective courses. Your Degree Plan is an academic map to working toward the degree goal throughout your study at the University. please look at the Open Electives and consider those courses you would like to take while completing your degree. Note your selections on the degree plan document.

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Reflection on My Degree Plan
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For help in choosing electives, go to the course catalog and read the descriptions for all the elective courses that seem of interest to you. These course descriptions should help you to further understand the skills and knowledge that will be featured in the courses available.

Course catalog link –

After reviewing the required and elective courses in your degree plan, please engage in some reflection and address the following questions:

What skills and knowledge do you expect to learn from your required and elective courses? You do not need to discuss all of the courses listed but rather select 3–5 required and elective courses of particular interest to you.
How will these individual skills and knowledge help you in your field?
How will your required and elective courses further your career goals in general?
If you had Open Electives to select in your degree plan, why did you select some of those electives?

I will attached pictures of the degree plan and electives.


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