Reflection About a simulated news live broadcast-audio

Reflection (About a simulated news live broadcast

In the live news broadcast, my role is audio.

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Reflection About a simulated news live broadcast-audio
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This reflection needs to write about the importance of preparatory preparation for the live broadcast of the news, the importance of audio, the importance of teamwork, and the most important thing is to write my reflection on the role of audio.

The main task of audio is to control the voices of the two hosts behind the scenes, background music, and the sound of other live news footage inserted. When the conductor counts down the live news, be prepared to turn on the voices and background sounds of the two hosts. During the live broadcast, when the director shouted “audio”, I was going to turn off the voices of the two hosts and turn on the sounds of other live broadcasts. During the entire manipulation process, you need to listen carefully to the director’s instructions and watch the live broadcast screen in front of you.

Every job requires a long period of preparation before the simulated news broadcast. The teacher first taught me how to use the audio machine, what should I do in each step, and then there was enough preparation time for me to practice, so that I can be familiar with the operation of the machine before the live broadcast. Although this is just an exercise, it still requires the tacit cooperation of everyone in each position. The first time, because I made a mistake in the operation of the sound, I repeat it again. I still have some small mistakes later, such as the background sound is too loud and I forgot to turn off the host’s voice when inserting other live clips. Because of the mistake, the teacher taught it again and was still guiding me. The last time, with everyone’s cooperation, a live news broadcast was perfect.

What to include:

You can include any materials that demonstrate your preproduction including but not limited to:

  • Scripts (Final and Marked Up Drafts)
  • Floors Plans
  • Lighting Plans
  • Meeting Agenda, Minutes and Notes
  • Directorial Notes
  • Treatment\Concept Document
    • Title
    • Synopsis
    • Talent
    • Audience
    • Budget
    • Storyboards
    • Camera Cards
    • Rundown
    • Call Sheets
    • Location Images
    • Schedules


Reflection Statement

Keep it brief! This should be used to convey your thinking and approach to preproduction. You can provide commentary on things you did well and things you could improve. Use this as your opportunity to sell what you did or at least should have done in Pre-Production


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