Reflect to a Patient’s Complain Letter


Prompt: For purposes of this assignment I would like you to assume that you are an administrator for a healthcare facility somewhere in Southern California.  Set forth below is a letter that you received from a patient.  After reading the letter, write a short essay with your thoughts and observations about the letter and what you would do with it.  Rubric: The assigned rubric asks that you prepare a well thought through perspective with supporting details to class materials.   It should be well organized and thoughtful, logical and complete. EXPLAIN YOUR REASONING.  Some possible approaches: This is not an exhaustive list but some ideas for you  to consider are: ” What would you do with the letter?”, “Would you talk to anyone about it? Who? Why?” ,  What concerns you the most about the letter?” or “What doesn’t concern you?”  “How would you go about proposing a response to the letter if at all?”.  You do not need to limit yourself to any of these approaches.  I provide them simply as examples. Your only limitation is that you should be focusing on issues from CHs 1-14. From me (who order this essay speaking to the writer of essayservice). I think you should mention physician liability and patient rights, which are in chapter 8 and 13.   Things NOT to do: There is no need to do any independent research and I am specifically requesting that you do none. Instead, focus on our class materials (Lecture, PPTs, assigned readings, videos) and refer to them in your essay.    Length: 1000 to 2000 words (2-4 pages)    Letter from a Patient:   “Dear Administrator.  I went to your facility with great hopes that someone was finally going to piece together all of the bizarre symptoms I have been experiencing.  My local primary care physician is Dr. Jones who I have seen for many years. It became apparent to Dr. Jones that my symptoms and conditions were of such a nature that I needed to be referred to your facility for specialized care.  After relaying my history to your organization I was told that your physician by the name of Dr. Graham was the best one in a position to get the bottom of my problems. I went to Dr. Graham but I was quite frankly shocked by how I was treated as a patient especially one experiencing a health crisis. Initially, a medical student examined me. He wrote my history and current health problems on a small yellow sticky pad. Dr. Graham, my assigned doctor, was not in the room when I was examined.  I then later say Dr. Graham for approximately five minutes. He took the contact information of my primary care physician Dr. Jones and said they were going to call him and then call me on what the next available steps should be. I called back on Friday because Dr. Jones said that no one had called him.  I was told at that time that Dr. Graham was on vacation so I left a detailed message.  No one returned my call. On the following Tuesday I received a letter from Dr. Graham informing me of my blood results which I had already provided to him prior to my appointment.  I understand there are many demands on the time of your physicians but I was stunned when I received a handwritten letter which were canned blood test results that I had already provided to him prior to our appointment.   In addition, no one at your facility ever told me that additional blood tests showed I had elevated liver enzymes or what that means.  I found out about this simply by accident when I received a copy of the blood test in the mail.  Moreover there was no mention was made regarding any plan to help me alleviate my immediate problems. I am not a complainer or a person with a low pain tolerance. However, since moving here I’ve had fainting episodes, severe chest pain and pressure, leg and arm pain and stiffness, congestion on the left side when the pain kicks in and by 3 o’clock I have to go home and lay down because I’m so weak and tired. I cannot continue to exist like this. It is not normal. If you’re too busy and don’t want to take me as a patient you will not offend me. Frankly I need attention now to get these things resolved. Testing my cholesterol in a month will not address the problem. I have been treated for that for three years. Please call or write me so I can get another doctor if I have to.”

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Reflect to a Patient’s Complain Letter
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