Reading Response Blog 3

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These blog  entries should directly address and refer to the readings for the week.  They are not to be simply a summary of the readings. In your blog  entries, please cite at least one quote from each reading as a way of  grounding your own thoughts. Choose these quotes carefully. They should  add to, extend and/or help you to explain a point you are making. In  these blog entries, you should explore issues or questions about the  readings, address the relationship between the different readings and  draw these readings into conversation with your personal and field  observation experiences. Consider how a teacher might put some of the  ideas presented in the readings into practice.  Reading Response Blogs instruction:  Each original entry must be about 250-350 words in length.. You should discuss ALL of the readings, websites, or videos for that day  (for example, by explaining whether they agree or disagree with the  point that you are making), but you do not have to discuss them all  equally. You are also encouraged to draw from personal experience, though please  remember that your blog is NOT private. I urge you to take a reflective rather than an argumentative tone in  your blog. Your objective is to fully explore your point of view (for  example, sometimes you might be unsure of your answer and thus write on  both sides of an issue), and to explain why your perspective is what it  is to the best of your ability. All blog entries should be informal, but well-written. In other words,  you can use casual language and should write in the first-person.  However, your blog entries should have a clear structure – they should  not read like stream of consciousness. They should also be free of  spelling and grammatical errors. Blogs will be accepted in both written and video format. To submit a  blog in written format, type your response in the blog entry window. It  should be about 250-350 words in length. To submit a blog in video  format, use a digital recorder to record your discussion of required  materials in a video of about 2-3 minutes. Then, use a YouTube account  to upload it to YouTube, and post the link to the blog.

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Reading Response Blog 3
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