Random Number Generators

Code your own random number generator and Analysis paper(writeup) of two different random number generators (one you created and one from any language library)

Random Numbers

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Random Number Generators
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For this assignment you are to analyze at least 2 random number generators and tell me how good you think they are. Use one random number generator from the programming-language library of your choice, and write the other one yourself. Make sure the one you write does not use the same algorithm as the one from the library.

When you analyze the random number generators, you are to look at both the distribution of values and the sequences of values.

Turn in your code for the random number generator that you write and turn in a write up of your analysis.


1. Random.org

2. Statistical Testing Methods

3. Comparing approaches to genearting random numbers using photon pair source

4. Hardware Random-Number Generators

5. More Hardware Random-Number Generators

Due date:

This assignment is due Thursday, November 1st, 2019, at the start of class.

Interesting Reading

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