racial inequality in America as in “culture”


The topic that I want to do my essay about is “Culture”. Not only because it’s one of my favorite things to talk about in my race. But as well, it should be treated like anyone else’s culture. As an example I found out about it and I was able to see more this past October. As I was going to the store I was able to see all the different decorations about the date of the death. Which they take that day as an Halloween celebration, Bringing out all the outfits for it to dress for Halloween. However, The day of the death is celebrated from November 1 November November 2, to remember the people they are no longer with us. And it’s a big celebration in Mexico. One of the most important traditions passed down to our generations. Also, I saw that now at Halloween stores they have outfits or costumes to be a Mexican. They represent us with a colorful blanket used as a sweater and a hat (sombrero). Which is not only just that, it is more than just vestments. They all  Have a different representation from different places in Mexico. As well, I think every culture should be treated with respect. And if you want to represent our culture you should at least learn a little bit about your history and our  past. Incorporating Other Types of Argument For this essay, remember that you must incorporate the following types of argument, which we learned about at the beginning of this module, and which we have been reviewing as we read Kendi’s book: Arguments of Fact (use at least three): You should use at least three arguments of fact in your body paragraphs to develop and support your thesis. Most likely, you will use more. These arguments of fact should be gathered from the sources you located last week. Review Chapter 10, especially pgs. 174-176, in our textbook EAA for help deciding which evidence to use and presenting your evidence. Cause-effect arguments (at least one): You should also use at least one cause-effect argument in your body paragraphs to support your thesis. Review types of causal arguments in Chapter 11, especially pgs. 256-260, in EAA. And review pgs. 265-268 for help defining causal relationships and supporting your point. Keep in mind that cause-effect arguments usually build off arguments of fact! Other arguments of definition (optional): Many of you will find that you need to provide several clear arguments of definition in order to support your thesis, which is itself an argument of definition! This idea may seem confusing or superfluous at first, but reflect back on how Kendi builds his definition of antiracism in his book using clear definitions of many other types of racism and antiracism. As the writer of your essay, you will need to decide whether it is necessary to provide further definitional claims in one or a few of your body paragraphs to support your argument. Remember, also, that arguments of definition can be definitions by example, operational definitions, or negative definitions. Refer to Ch. 9 in EAA as needed. Suggestions for Incorporating Your “Test Case” Don’t forget to discuss your test case in your essay. Your test case might help you write an argument of fact– i.e. X happened historically which shows Y. It might help you write a cause-effect argument– i.e. X happened and created YZ effects. Or, perhaps it is an example you use in your introduction (“exordium”) in background information on your topic (“narratio”) to show why your argument is so important. General Specifications You essay should follow these requirements: 5-6 pgs (1,250 words-1,500 words) in length Include at least one claim of definition, one cause-effect argument, and at least three arguments of fact Cite Ibram X. Kendi’s book How to Be An Antiracist and at least one other text found by the student Include MLA in-text citations  (Links to an external site.) Include a Works Cited page  (Links to an external site.) Strong argument of definition that shows an awareness of textbook material and lessons over the second module Strong evidence provided to support thesis throughout, including at least one interesting, nuanced “test case” Essay organized by the classical oration structure or another similar form that helps to advance argument we can use new york times

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racial inequality in America as in “culture”
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