Race, Gender, Inequality, Mass Incarceration Assignment | Online Homework Help

Three specific questions about the topic listed answered; specific guidelines are attached; a maximum of 9pgs but feel free to distribute them however you like

Introduction to Sociology

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Race, Gender, Inequality, Mass Incarceration Assignment | Online Homework Help
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Spring 2020


Final Examination



NOTES: Maximum length: 9 pages double spaced (3 pages per question). DUE: Monday May 18 at noon. Late papers will be penalized. In responding to each of these questions, you should have (1) a clear thesis; (2) you must draw in readings and other materials from our class; (3) make sure to cite supporting references/evidence in your answer.


Suggestions: The best answers will (1) be vivid and specific, not vague and general; (2) refer to specific social theories, readings, and empirical evidence we have discussed in class; (3) give examples where appropriate.



  1. What is the relationship between race, poverty/inequality, and mass incarceration? In your answer, be sure to discuss both (1) how societal inequalities may influence mass incarceration, and (2) how mass incarceration can contribute to reinforcing social inequalities.


  1. In what ways are racial and gender inequality similar, and in what ways are they different? Be specific about each dimension of inequality you identify, support it with evidence. Drawing on sociological theories we have considered in class, explain why you think race and gender operate in similar or different ways on each of the dimensions you discuss.


  1. Why do some sociologists believe that American democracy hasn’t led to a greater redistribution of the gains from economic growth? Why don’t the poor and the middle class use democracy to vote demand a bigger share? And what theories explain why haven’t there been more successful social movements demanding greater equality?





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