Question about mendelian genetics | Homework Help

For pea plans with the following genotypes, list all possible gamete that the plant can make:

a. TT Yy Rr

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Question about mendelian genetics | Homework Help
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b. Tt YY rr

c. Tt Yy Rr

d. tt Yy rr

Huntington disease is a rare dominant train that auses neurodegeneration later in life. A man in his thirties, who already has 3 children discoers his mother has huntingtons disease. though the fater is unaffected. His maternal granmother didnt have the disease. As this is a rare mutation, assume the man’s mate doesnt carry Huntington disease allele. Find the following proabilities.

a. the man in his therties wil develope Huntingon disease

b. the man will carry the disease allele but not develope the disease.

c. the first child of his will develope thi disease

d.only one of the three of his children will develop huntington disease.


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