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“Creationists and evolutionists, it is safe to say, share the desire that children should grow up to become morally responsible adults. Creationists fight evolution because they believe it is morally dangerous. Evolutionary biologists, on the other hand, believe that children should learn what science shows us about how living things came to be and that morality and moral guidance derive from sources outside of biology.” What do you think of this statement? Maybe an evolutionary perspective is essential to understand human morality and its workings within our societies (particularly in terms of its pros and cons). Think about this and explain how this might be the case. Think in terms of evolution of social behavior, reciprocal altruism and evolutionary stable strategies. Could moral behavior be sexually selected? Responding to this scenario might help you do so: Describe two figures: one moral and one immoral. Describe them in terms of the major characteristics differentiating them on moral dimensions. Next think of two islands. One is populated with only moral individuals; the other only immoral individuals. Which population is more fit and why? What would/could happen if one immoral individual migrated to the moral island and why? On which island would the migrant be more fit and why? Is morality an evolutionary stable strategy? If so, how? If thinking about immoral phenotypes as predators on moral phenotypes is uncomfortable, can the evolutionary perspective give us hope?

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Question about creationists and evolutionists | Homework Help
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