Question 2p

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is described as the incorporation of the most current research findings into nursing practice. It is considered as essential in ensuring patient safety, high quality care, and positive outcomes. However, implementation of EBP has not always been a straightforward endeavor, especially in nursing homes and similar facilities. Nurses in such organizations encounter several barriers in implementing EBP, with the most significant being limited organizational support. According to Mathieson et al. (2019), most nursing homes and long-term care facilities expect nurses to provide the highest quality of care at the least cost possible. Integrating the most recent research findings into nursing care requires resources that should be provided by the health organization’s administration. For example, nurses require strong internet connection at the workplace to access the current evidence to modify their practice. Without such a resource, they cannot be up to date with the latest and best science available (Correa-de-Araujo, 2016).
The first step in addressing and resolving this issue would be to present the facility’s administration with data on the effectiveness of EBP implementation. Presenting such data would help the organization’s management identify disparities with other facilities already effectively implementing EBP interventions. It would also encourage them to benchmark with such organizations to identify the essential resources for EBP implementation. According to Correa-de-Araujo (2016), the importance of EBP cannot be overstated, with findings from evidence-based research being translated into effective nursing practices and policies. Consequently, the interventions help in improving health outcomes, health care systems, and the performance of individual and group providers.

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Question 2p
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