Qualitative Research Worksheet TEMPLATE 2020

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This is a Nursing Research Class NUR4165, we are using a book called Essentials of Nursing Research, ninth edition 2018, by Denise Polit and Cheryl Tatano Beck, the worksheet need to be completed and cite when applicable

Qualitative Research Worksheet TEMPLATE_2020

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Qualitative Research Worksheet TEMPLATE 2020
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Based on your text, course readings, and resources, answer the following questions. Please note this worksheet assignment will be a helpful reference. You may answer in brief statements (however clearly communicated). PLEASE use this template to add your answers and save as a word document (include your last name in the subject title when saving the document). – Please APA cite and list references used. (May cite a line item [1-8] and individual items [a,b,c, … i, ii…] if a different source.)  Please refer to the worksheet rubric as a guide.

Name _______________________________________

  1. Purpose: Quantitative vs. Qualitative
    1. How does the purpose (aim of the study) differ between qualitative and quantitative research?


  1. Rigor refers to the trustworthiness of qualitative data. What constitutes rigor in qualitative research – define each component? (hint – credibility, dependability, confirmability, transferability)


  1. How is the role of the researcher different in qualitative and quantitative?


  1. Define in your own words:


  1. Symbolic Interactionism


  1. Bracketing


  1. Memoing,


  1. Coding


  1. Data Saturation


  1. Matchthe type of research to the study: Which title suggests that the type of study that might have been conducted?
    1. Historical
    2. Ethnography
    3. Grounded Theory
    4. Phenomenology

______ Knowles, A. (2011).Resilienceamong Japanese atomic bomb survivors.
International Nursing Review, 58(1), 54-60.

_______ Melincavage, S. M. (2011). Student nurses’ experiences of anxiety in the
clinical setting. Nurse Education Today, 31(8), 785-789.

_______Fairman, J. A., &Okoye, S. M. (2011). Nursing for the Future, from the Past:
Two Reports on Nursing from the Institute of Medicine. Journal Of Nursing
, 50(6), 305-312.

_______ Langford, D. (1996). Predicting unpredictability: a model of women’s processes
of predicting battering men’s violence.Scholarly Inquiry For Nursing
, 10(4), 371.

  1. Briefly explain how are the steps (below) in the qualitative process differ from the quantitative process?

(For Qualitative:…For Quantitative…)


  1. Selecting a framework/design
  2. Selecting a sample/participants
  3. Conducting a review of literature
  4. Collecting data
  5. Analyzing data
  6. Reporting results



Please list references used:



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