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Topic Speaking in public
Paper instructions: For this assignment your goal is to watch a public speech and describe their effectiveness to the course material we learned in class as well as how ethical you found the public speaker to be utilizing our in class discussions.

This assignment is designed to help connect the theory discussed in class with rhetoric in our everyday lives. You will do “research” for this assignment by scheduling  time to observe some form of speaking activity located as either a live speaking event broadcast online or a youtube video.
The activity you choose must be something you do for this class and this class alone. If you normally watch a particular youtuber you should not pick that youtuber for this assignment.  examples like ted talks are great for this assignment
Go to the event, take notes, and be sure to connect the speaking event to the course content in some way. This includes discussing the ETHICAL responsibilities of the speaker to the audience.
cite at least 3 references

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Public Speaking Assignment | Custom Essay Services
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Write a two page evaluation of the speaking you observed and make sure that you connect it to theory from the textbook and the ethical responsibilities of the speaker.

Above is the link of the book we use for this class, chapter 2 must be include on this essay and I was well chapter 14


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