Psychological Disorder

Paper instructions

Choose a psychological disorder from the DSM-V.
Summarize the symptoms of the disorder.
What type of therapy do you believe would be the most successful in treating this type of disorder? Support your opinion with research evidence.
Locate a current events or recent journal article on the disorder and share the key points (findings) with your classmates.

Comments from Customer

Learned helplessness is a concept commonly associated with stress. Based on the unit resources and your own research, discuss the following questions.
How is the concept of learned helplessness demonstrated? Is this phenomenon real? Explain why or why not. Be sure to explain, demonstrating your understanding of the concept from the readings and the video.
Provide a real-life example of learned helplessness that happened to you or to someone you know? What might you or that person have done to avoid experiencing learned helplessness? Be sure to share details.

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Psychological Disorder
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