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Q1. A farmer decides to plant 90 percent of one field with BT 123 seeds and the remaining 10 percent of the field with a different seed variety. He hopes this will slow the evolutionary development of BT resistant insects. Which seed variety must he use the 10 percent of his field that is not planted with BT 123 seeds? Explain the answer.

Q2. An experiment was completed to determine the linkage relationship of three genes (a, b, and c) in Drosophila melanogaster.

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Provide the genotypes of the parents | Homework Help
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Homozygous females phenotypically a, c were crossed with homozygous males phenotypically b. The F1 females were all wild-type in appearance and the F1 males were all a, c.

Provide the genotypes of the parents? Give genotypes of the F1 flies and demonstrate the genotypic arrangement in the female F1?


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