1.      The research paper: One paragraph introduction which should include your thesis/central argument   4 – 5 pages: discussion of the findings from your research as they relate to your thesis; be sure to either directly quote sources or preferably, express their ideas in your own words. Use parenthetical notation in your writing to properly credit the authors you cite.  Reference to your sources in your paper should be to the author’s last name.   Concluding paragraph: What are the main conclusions you have drawn based on what you learned from your research.   2.      Format: double-spaced, 12-point font, 1’’ margins.     3.      Bibliography: Complete documentation of all sources in APA format; minimum of 6 sources. These must primarily be peer-reviewed articles and/or books.   If you are not sure how to cite a particular source such as a data set or a film, for ex. Use the Purdue owl site at

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