Project proposal

Consolidating weeks 1-7, this written proposal will lay out in detail your plans for the final project. It will clarify and specify your approach as well as utilise persuasive and effective professional communication to convince potential stakeholders of the value of your idea. The proposal needs to be grounded in high quality research relevant to the type of project and field.
Proposals that focus entirely on talking about the topic that have no space dedicated to the proposed work and plans will do worse than those proposals focused on discussing your object of investigation and project plans.
Word length: 1,000
Weighting: 20%
Grading criteria are as follows
Evidence of research and scholarly attribution of sources
Understanding the materials and engaging with scholarship
Theoretical knowledge applied to real-life situations
Statement of project aims

Clear context and rationale for study
Suitability and justification of chosen genre to research project
Awareness of audience or target market depending on genre and topic
Explanation for innovation and/or significance of project

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Project proposal
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Structure and Clarity
Identification of clear research question or problem to be explored and/or solved
Organisation and structure of essay/report/campaign/project
Clarity of expression
Meeting word count, referencing and formatting instructions

the following are some of the components you should include in your project proposals. You don’t have to include everything; this is just to get you started. You may use sub-headings in your essay/presentation Do not consider this a template. Your project proposal should only include elements that are useful for providing a clear and compelling portrayal of your project. Some of these headings will be useless for many projects. We have provided and discussed exemplars in week 2. Please remember, that these previous projects are not flawless. So only use these as a starting point, to consider how you can improve on these works. Take initiative and work autonomously in developing your own project.Working Title This can change over the course of semester as you become more familiar with your subject and construct an argument.Topic Area This can be quite broad, for example ‘Online celebrities’, ‘Cyberbullying in Australian high schools’, or ‘Censorship and social media in China’.Research Question This should be narrower and more focused than your topic area, for example, ‘What is the role of online celebrities in influencing social change with reference to obesity prevention?’ or ‘How is the cyberbullying problem being addressed in educational material for school children in Australia?’ You can have more than one question.Objectives This describes how your research will enable you to find out or achieve something meaningful. It can be a simple statement.Example: ‘To explore [insert topic area] through a content analysis of [relevant area] news stories published in China Daily between [insert dates]. By undertaking this study, I aim to achieve an understanding of how [topic area] is represented in…’ Or if you have more than one objective, this section could be longer.Genre (and justification)Example for a journalism project: ‘My research question lends itself to a journalism project because a narrative account of the problem [insert details] enables me to reach a wider audience than a research essay and to elaborate on the complexities behind the controversy. I have in mind [insert publication name] for this piece of writing. As there are a number of elements [mention subject] which occurred over a period of time, I can interview several people involved to reconstruct the events, and provide a number of different perspectives.Example for an industry report: ‘My research question lends itself to an industry report because I have identified a challenge faced by this sector of this industry [supply details] and can research alternative methods for making improvements and achieving change [provided details of areas for investigation and recommendation].Method or Methods and Justification: (For a work of 3,500 words, one method is usually sufficient.)Example: ‘The [insert method] I have chosen is suited to my research because it enables me to understand how ….’ [You will need to refer to scholars who have written about your method and its uses, advantages and limitations].Significance This is the ‘so what’ question. What is the value or benefit of your project? What are you hoping to achieve? What or how does your essay/report/media project add to the body of knowledge on this subject? How does it differ from previous research? Does it offer a new perspective? Is it innovative? (It doesn’t have to be all these things, these are only suggestions.)Timeline How do you propose using the time between now and the end of Week 14 to complete your research project and exegesis assignments? Set this out as a list or in grid form, using your mini-project plan or similar planning tool. It’s useful to set yourself tasks to complete on a weekly basis; and keep in mind Peer review in Week 9, consultations in Weeks 10


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