Project Management Techniques


INITIAL QUESTION: PART 1 (Roughly 400+ words) Consider the attached Case Study “WEEK 1 – CASE STUDY.pdf” You are the project manager for an IT company which is implementing a software project for a client.  You are near to the end of the project but whilst you know that you are behind with regards to the delivery schedule, you are not sure as to the project status with regards to the amount of effort put in to the project or cost.  The client wants an update regarding the current status of the project and what you intend to do to bring this in as close to schedule and planned budget as possible.  With reference to project management monitoring tools and techniques advise where you believe this project is and why. (You will need to calculate the project’s variance in terms of time, work and cost).  Given the project’s original plan, make recommendations as to what the Project Manager should do next and why to get the project back on schedule. In your follow on posts, consider alternative tools and methods for measuring project progress and how to bring it back to schedule. PART 2 (Remaining Words) APM London Olympics Case Study (PDF Attached) APM London Olympics (PDF Attached) APM London Underground (PDF Attached) APM Legacy Procurement Strategy (PDF Attached) Consider the APM case studies the London Olympics and the London Underground. Identify one task for each project which is likely to have been contracted out.  What type of contract would you have recommended and why? Consider Kraljic’s Purchasing Model for this procurement.  To what extent would this have been useful to determine supplier choice? What are the limitations of the model and information gaps which may arise?  On your peers posts, consider the merit and limitations of alternative contract types given the different ‘zones’ within Kraljic’s matrix that a potential supplier may fit. NOTE: Ensuring that projects are delivered on time, to scope, within budget and to an agreed level of quality is challenging for Project Managers. Risks need to be managed, risks which were not identified could be realised and clients can make suggested changes to the initially agreed scope amongst other issues. The monitoring of progress and taking corrective action on a regular basis is crucial if a project manager is to deliver what has been agreed. With reference to the case studies (APM London Olympics or APM London Underground projects) evaluate a range of monitoring tools and techniques which could be used to ensure projects are kept to schedule, brought back to schedule if they deviate and evaluate how effective these tools and techniques are. You should consider the use of CONTRACTS within your response. USER FEEDBACK: I have already did this assignment and got 40% as I DID NOT include anything from PART 1 Case study. I need you to incorporate Case Study 1 (Part 1) and then get into (Part 2). On part 2, please make sure you focus on “Identify one task for each project which is likely to have been contracted out.  What type of contract would you have recommended and why?”. I have also attached PART 1 Answers from other sources for your convenience. They may help you to construct this paper well. I also attached some answers for PART 2.

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Project Management Techniques
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