Project Management and Communications Assignment | Online Assignment


Hi, thank you for taking this on for me. Unfortunately, I am snowed under trying to hit other deadlines, which are quite clustered approaching the end of my degree. For context my degree is a Level 8 (Hons) Engineering degree in Electrical Services. I study in Ireland, so any standards etc. shall have to be relating to Irish standards where applicable. If you could use the Harvard referencing system that is built into the References tab in Word that would be very helpful, as that is the norm for me. I will finish the assignment with an introduction, conclusion myself but I feel it is important that the referencing be linked in-text via the references tab in Word. The document should be a report style essay, UK English, with non-persuasive language. There are 5 sections to this assignment, with 1000 words approx. per section, totalling approx. 5000 words

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Project Management and Communications Assignment | Online Assignment
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